Our drives

Our drives are programmable intelligences in compact enclosure. Allowing data fusion from multiple sensors, facilitating high precision analysis for motion, vibration, environmental measurement and more.

AC24 Driver

A versatile controller for 48V BLDC motors up to 50 Amps.

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Small 6 Digital Outputs

A controller to drive various loads with high-side

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Small AC Motor Driver

Driver for small motors up to 300 W at 12 to 36 V

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Small DC Motor Driver

Controller for up to 3 small DC Motors

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Compact Micro-Drive

Driver for compact motors up to 10 W

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48V Dual Inverter

Inverter for dual 48V BLDC motors up to 50 Amps per motor

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generic ac24 6-ch digital output Small AC Driver Small DC Driver Micro DC Driver