A compact uni-personal vehicle, with 3 modes of operations: manual, platooning or autonomous it’s the perfect vehicle for indoor use like airports, train stations or for applications as simple as wait-in-line. The elegant design and safe driving powered by our flagship computer, the RBox with a display and HMI assured its display, it provides a simple and intuitive use as a stand-alone vehicle, shared or platooned vehicle.


A versatile solution for autonomous mobile platform services with a logistics pedigree. Built perfectly for last mile delivery for sharing public space in a non-invasive way, our platform can operate with various vehicles as well as performing cargo swapping from vehicle to another


With only 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, thiss swarm enabled mobile platform is very compact and can be used in small offices or laboratories to develop electronics and software algorithms for autonomous systems.

Drive By Wire

From our fleet of vehicles we’ve transformed, modified and adapted with drive-by-wire (DbW) capabilitied to ease autonomous software development and evaluate extra functions.