Make Smart Mobility Easy

QuadriBot proposes safe and high performance technical solutions and innovations for robotic and autonomous mobility


RBox series

A series of compact computers, for automotive or industry.

Designed for mobile platforms that require integrated power electronics to drive actuators as well as the Nvidia GPUs for advanced processing of AI algorithm. It is a facilitator for development of smart mobile platforms with or without ADAS functions out of the box and effortlessly.

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Our sensors

A variaty of sensors for motion analisys & electrical components

From tiny motion and ambient sensors to current sensors, Quadribot sensors can be integrated into any equipment, vehicle or robot to provide precision mesurement.

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NanoSense Sensor
Charging station

Energy devices

A multitude of solutions designed for power management

Our solutions designed for power management. From systems to monitor and control the energy consumption of a vehicle to charging stations for electric vehicles.

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