App for connecting, managing and controling your devices

RoboDesk is in two versions of web and mobile application which is compatible with both android and IOS operation systems.

Control and measure, all in one place

Mobile application

Compatible with both android and IOS.

BLE communication

Mobile App-Devices Bluetooth Low Energy communication.

Cloud Services

Rbox live APIs for server-side communication.

Devices data plots

Store and display data measured by your sensor using APIs

Devices configuration

Device configuration via web & mobile app.

Devices information display

Battery level, location, status...

Robodesk interfaces

Device Informations

All your device informations displayed in your dashboard (Device status, battery status, device location...)

Device configuration

Configure your device remotly via your user account in our mobile/web application.

All your recordings displayed

Get all your recordings made by the mobile application displayed in your user dashboard.

Measured data plots

Visualize all your recordings plots using your user account.