Invest in Quadribot

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The market of smart mobility is rapidly growing, and we have the opportunity to offer you a front-row seat in this emerging industry. We are excited to announce that we are launching our first round of funding, with a goal of raising 500,000€.

The first investment stage is now open, and we invite interested investors to contact us to participate. The entry ticket for this first stage is 50,000€.

Our second round of funding will take place in 2023 and will first be offered to investors from the first round. This means that investors who join our project now will have the opportunity to continue supporting our growth in the future.

Our company is developing innovative technologies in the field of smart mobility, which is one of the most promising markets in the information technology industry. Quadribot has the potential to revolutionize this market, and we are confident that investors who join us will share this vision with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss this investment opportunity and find out how you can participate in our project. Together, let's build the future of smart mobility.


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