An RBox extension or standalone device

The DC motor control is capable to drive four uni-directuional DC motors or two bi-directional DC motors. The sistem be control used microcotroller, and the CAN Bus is used for connect with other device. The divece offer protection for overtemperature, undervoltage, overccurrent and short circuit.

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Digital output


The control are easy because speed and torque are proportional to the applied voltage.


Current and voltage monitoring, but also temperature.


Using CAN-FD makes this device easy to connect and interface to faster networks.


Structure resistance

The housing is durable for different work environments.

Battery powered

Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power that your system uses when the battery gets low.

Game control

It is used for different applications as needed.

Personalized usage

Our Robodesk application will allow each component to be configured to the user’s specifications.



  • 2X Brushed DC motor control up to 250W continuous load
  • Used with high PWM frecquency
  • Current limition level
  • 1-Cahnnel relay for safety control
  • Protection overcurrent
  • Protection overthermical

Power management & supply

  • Power supply: 600 mA max
  • Main input port: 5–40V
  • Low power mode
  • Low quiescent current IC


  • Compatible with Robodesk
  • Diagnosis with current sense
  • CAN bus
  • Standalone mode

Mecanical specification

  • Compact size: 80 x 59 x 31 mm
  • Enclosure:
  • Watertight extruded aluminum

Application sectors

Equipment DC Motors

Automatic door

Commercial Device DC Motors

Medium Industrial DC Motors