An RBox extension or standalone device

4-6 Cell Monitoring Unit with heater control and isolated CAN Bus.

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4-6 Cell Monitoring Unit

The Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU) is an RBox extension or standalone devices, the communication is done via the CAN-FD. The CAN Bus can be configured to allow for CAN-HS operation only up to 3 Mbps.

The Sensor box includes one CMU device, 1 set of cables and a Quick Guide.

RoboDesk software to configure and to set up the device can be downloaded from the product webpage by using the device serial number.


4 to 12 cells

With Standard Battery

8 to 60 V


12-bit ADC

Heater control

Up to 5A at 24V

1.6 mv resolution

Good accuracy

128 MBytes

Internal memory


Internal RTC



internal resistor

For compact operations


General specifications

  • 4 to 30 V power supply
  • 4 to 6 cells connection
  • 12-bit ADC, 1μs per channel conversion time
  • ± 1.6 mV cell voltage accuracy
  • Cell balancing
  • Low power consumption

Internal sensors & safety

  • Timer controlled safety
  • Heat plate control
  • Internal temperature sensor for main board and discharge board
  • 3 battery temperature sensors

Communication & memory

  • CAN-FD up to 3 Mbps
  • RS-232 up to 256 kbps
  • Internal storage memory: 128 MBytes


  • Internal resistors (14 ohm / ch)
  • Additional resistor channels with relays
  • Isolated CAN and PSU
  • Heat plate control (with regulation for current and voltage)

A Modular Product to Match any Requirement

The Cell Monitoring Unit (P3503) is a device capable of measuring 4 to 6 cells and supply basic BMS functionality. It contains all the functions required for general purpose monitoring of stacked lithium ion batteries as used in hybrid electric vehicles, robotics, battery backup applications, and power tools. The part has multiplexed cell voltage and auxiliary ADC measurement channels for up to six cells of battery management. The device has an internal ±3 ppm/°C reference that allows a cell voltage accuracy of ±1.6 mV. The ADC resolution is 12 bits and allows conversion of up to 12 cells within 7 μs. Sensors for the environmental parameters like Temperature, Pressure are also integrated inside the device.

The device includes a dynamic alert function that can detect whether the cell voltages or auxiliary ADC inputs exceed an upper or lower limit defined by the user. The cell balancing interface outputs designed to control with on-board FET transistors to allow discharging of individual cells either on internal discharge resistors or on the external ones. The device includes a built-in self-test feature that internally applies a known voltage to the ADC inputs. The device has 2 digital outputs that can be configured for a various application scope.

rbox models

In automated systems and in independent mode, this device can connect to external relay and current sensor thus providing a limited BMS functionality. The voltages and current measurement will allow the CMU to provide filtered information to establish the battery SOH and SOC. It integrates a versatile electronic and software architecture for the acquisition, processing, and transmission of data from multiple measurement devices.

The CMU allows for direct QBox (P0501) interface though CAN and automatic detection with it. The device can be integrated inside the framework and operate as an extension of the system.

The device can be configured with our RoboDesk application that will allow for each component of the sensor to be configured to the user's specifications. Through this common development environment, it will be possible for the user to reconfigure the behavior of each internal module and define the data processing procedure. The generated software will be exported to the target via CAN Bus.

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