Pylon an RBox platform

With only 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, this mobile platform is very compact and can be used in small offices or laboratories to develop electronics and software algorithms for autonomous systems.

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Pylon, compact & versatile

Power system

Powered from a 36 V nominal 15 Ah battery

Dual Motors

Dual motor on the sides of 200 W each

Single Computer

A single RBox is used to drive the system with the integrated power electronics

Sensor array

A Hokuyo LIDAR UTM-30LX is used for scanning, 2 cameras and 6 ultrasounds

A set of features

Inter-robot communication

By using the RBox the mobile platforms can exchange information between them without the need of extra communication devices.

integrated sensor

Integrated actuator

An integrated actuator is placed in the center of the platform to assist in the development of lifting items from underneeth.

integrated sensor


The LIDAR positioning is done so one can cover the maximum angle possible (~270°) with minimum interference.

integrated sensor

Independent move or in Swarm mode

Combined together for larger platforms

The platform can be used to develop robotic swarm application where the approach consist in the coordination of multiple robots as a system. It might be used of a large numbers of mostly simple robots or more complex ones.

By being small, this mobile platform can be tested in small labs or offices.

The Pylon

Fully equiped mobile platform for testing swarm applications inside offices or small labs.


The sensors on the vehicle are represented by the top LIDAR and ultrasounds. On the sides, the vehicle has 6 ultrasounds and a front and rear pointing cameras.


The robot actuators are as options only. There is one top side for lifting objects up to 20 cm and a bottom one used as park-brake during lifting.


RBox is the main computer on-board. Powered with an nVidia AGX or NX it is used to drive all the systems inside the vehicle and provide interfaces for accessories

Power drive

The robot comes with a 36V / 15 Ah batteryand two 6″ hub motors of 250 W each.