Vehicle an RBox test platform

From our fleet of vehicles we’ve transformed, modified and adapted with drive-by-wire (DbW) capabilitied to ease autonomous software development and evaluate extra functions.

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Creation, adaptation and testing at QuadriBot


27 kW motor powered by 13 kWh battery with 2 x 12V power systems for safety


Longitudinal and lateral control with electric steering, brakes, park brakes and propulsion

Extra features

Control of all accessories like doors, windows, horn, etc. as well as sensor interfaces

Advanced Items

Capable of self-parking, remote driving can integrate autonomous functions

Several vehicles modified​

The modification and addition of control systems was made on several Citroen C1’s so we can test and develop our embedded systems.

Our test fleet​

Test and development

Our solution RBox was tested and developed on several vehicles:

  • Non-Electrical Citroen C1
  • Golf cars
  • Electric scooters
  • Logistics platforms
  • Shuttles

Testing on golf cars

The solution was tested on golf cars in several operational modes:

  • Manual mode
  • Platooning
  • Autonomous system