sCargo an RBox platform

A versatile solution for autonomous mobile platform services with a logistics pedigree. Built perfectly for last mile delivery for sharing public space in a non-invasive way.

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Bootstrap Themes

SCargo makes mobile platforms run

Compact size

Built perfectly for last mile delivery for sharing public space in a non-invasive way.

Multimodal platform

Our platform can be fixed to various vehicles as well as swapping from vehicle to another.

Programmable & smart

Our smart RBox is programmed to control the system autonomously.

Extra features

The demo platform can be equipped with a series of accessories and extensions that will help in platform development.

Various cargo

Advanced functions allow it to follow the vehicle in front, to operate next to another one and bypass the fear of driving alone in unknown environment.

Lifting platform

Merchandise is not always at the correct height, so a lifting system was devised.

Interface Rbox

Extra operations

The vehicle can perform a set of additional operations with the support of extensions. One application can be battery swaping.

Trailer mode with sCargo®

Our solution sCargo® is a complementary trailer that could easily be combined for specific demands :

  • Immaterial connection with a luggage carrier
  • Can carry up to 150 kg
  • High or low ground clearance
  • Outdoor operation is possible
  • Can have closed or open carry space
  • Our CargoSwipe can be installed on it for automatic load/unload
ryl trailer mode


30 km autonomy

With Standard Battery

Up to 30 Km/h

Software limitation possible to less

250 kg

Total Carry Capacity

48 V - 4,4 kWh

6,6 kWh battery optional

900 x 700

Compact Size

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium Titanate also possible

70 kg

Empty weight

Sensor Array

LIDAR, Camera and ultrasound

35 cm


Client application Sophie

  • Personal account
  • Save favorite locations
  • locates station map for pickup and delivery
  • QR code to undlock cabinet or robot compartment
  • Locates robot and cargo
Sophie app

Plateform functionalities


Multi-Sensor fusion and redundant systems
The precise data obtained will reduce the probability of incidents


Helps locating the package and following up.


Equipped with a lithium battery 2500 Wh.

Anti-Collision system V2X​

Helping users avoiding costly repairs by dodging collision incidents.

Security & communication​

NFC technology and 5G to access the package via scanning the bar code on the application.

Precision navigation

Provides precise information concerning the navigation data.​

Service features

Power Management

Manages device power by selecting what is used and when. It defines the operation modes and manages battery charging and IQ protocol for wireless charging


Manages communication done over bluetooth LowEbery


Manages the communication on different busses like CAN-FD ,RS232 ,RS485 , LIN, K-Line


Allows users editing of functions and execution at any point. Today scripting includes microPython only.

Cloud Connection

Allows for interaction with cloud services if connected with an LTE, 3G or WIFI device.

Remote Control

Facilitates remote interaction and remote control of actuators, read of sensors.



  • Integration with current vehicles and systems
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Integration with smart pallet

Remote Supervision

  • Production line
  • Smart factory platform integration

Transportation Hubs

  • Luggage carrier
  • Transportation

Battery Swap

  • Integration with current vehicles and systems
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Integration with smart pallet


  • Transporting pallets of merchandise autonomously
  • Smart organization

Grocery delivery

  • Grocery carrier
  • Transportation